new generation
of remetalizer

Moto greases

● First fluorescent chain grease
● Chain grease
for offroad bikes
● Oil for air filters

iМagnet PSF
repair fluid for Power Steering

Solves problems:
● Reduced pressure due to wear of pump;
● noise and vibrations in end positions;
● tight steering


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Trademark for promotion are registered in Mexico
05 july

Trademark for promotion are registered in Mexico

Pass the Verification procedure, get permission to drive the car and go to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup!
VMPAUTO and Spanish Community
30 may

VMPAUTO and Spanish Community

Business, creativity, emotions and very cool prizes from VMPAUTO.
"Рush the button". VMPAUTO copper grease now in aerosol bottle.
15 may

"Рush the button". VMPAUTO copper grease now in aerosol bottle.

Just push the burron to lubricate the bolt and to eliminate the sticking of thread.

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About us

Produce greases since 1996

VMPAUTO — scientific production company, which specialize in development and manufacturing of unique lubricating materials with surface restoration properties.

VMPAUTO products, which quality accepted by world experts of NLGI (USA), sells more then at 30 countries over the world, including east Asia.
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We are trusted

OEM production

VMPAUTO partners: one of the most world leading manufacturers of heavy duty trucks "KAMAZ", world leading group of manufacturing heavy mining equipment "BELAZ", leading rus-japan group "Sollers-ISUZU", and also "GAZ", "MAZ", Lincoln and others.
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"The best exporter of automotive components/accessories 2016"

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Membership of the NLGI association (USA)

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International Award of the Lepin Competition, France, Paris, 2006.

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