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Toxic exhaust gases: How to reduce emissions?

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13 march

More and more countries are thinking about reducing of emissions which are so harmful for our environment. Vehicle exhaust gases are one of the most important air pollution source, and local government brings in new mitigation measures and control vehicle emissions.

In some countries this control is executed by limitation of car operation life, but this is possible only in the countries with high buying attitude. But there are other more affordable opportunities.

exhaust gases
Vehicle exhaust gases are one of the most important air pollution source

Local government of the town Mexicali in the North of Mexico has decided to solve this problem efficiently and has carried out tests of Russian engine restorer RESURS in order to reduce toxic exhaust gases.

The researches were carried out in "Industiral and Technical College" of Mexicali in Mexico on the car LINCOLN of 1993 year (run 122 018 miles) with special device Scangas Analyser (5 Gas). Measurements were made before and after application of engine treatment RESURS.

Engine restorer RESURS reduces toxic exhaust gases on 54.16%

certificate that confirms the effectiveness of resurs remetallizer
Certificate confirming that Engine Treatment RESURS reduces toxic exhausts gases



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