Cutting gel for metalworking

Cutting gel for metalworking26 august |

26 august

We are glad to introduce our new product: "VZHIK" - cutting gel for metalworking, which facilitates and accelerates the process of drilling, sawing, milling, lathe turning, reaming and thread cutting.

Grease is suitable for treatment of various steels, metals and alloys of increased hardness or that are difficult to process. Such as titanium, stainless steel, nonferrous metals. Viscous composition and high adhesion (stickiness) allow to use VZHIK when drilling from the bottom upwards, eliminate splashing and dripping of grease from the surface.

The work of VZHIK can be traced even by the form of facing - when the tool is dry facing is torn, the drill itself overheats and wears out faster. And speed of processing is much lower. A bonus is that facing goes with smooth spirals and does not scatter around the room, increasing the purity of the operations.

As you can see, you need just a bit of VZHIK (on a tip of a drill) and the result will be tremendously different. You may ask, why not to use the old-fashioned engine oil? The answer is simple - it flows, sprays and blots everything around, unlike cutting gel, which leaves a small wet spot.

How to apply: Apply a thin layer of VZHIK on a drill, saw or any other tool that is suitable for this process or on metal and then you can start. Safety regulations must be strictly observed!

New drills before operation

Scattering facing is dangerous

when the tool is dry facing is torn and small

It is seen that the drill after dry operation got overheated and wore out

VZHIK is a very sticky gel

VZHIK doesn't drip when drilling from the bottom upwards

You need just a bit - on a tip of a drill

Unlike engine oils and other cutting gels it works neater

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