Graphene in car industry

Graphene in car industry15 april |

15 april


Scientists from Manchester (A. Game, K. Novoselov) have studied graphene properties since 2004. It is very thin and amazingly solid material, based on graphene. Now graphene is used in all spheres of human life, including car industry.

Thanks to it’s electroconductibility, battery made of graphene allows one car run more than 1000 km without recharging, and it need 16 seconds for recharging. Investigations and test of graphene were made in 2013. And then Spain claimed in 2014 that their battery would be more powerful than Tesla´s one in 2,5 times, and it would be charged for 8 minutes.

Our colleagues-tribologists from North-West University (USA) also cannot ignore this news and tried to use graphene pompons (graphene “flakes”, dried up with drop of water) in engine oil.

Test results showed, that graphene pompons in engine oil reduce friction and wear of engine metal units in 15%.

graphene in motor oil

Spanish supercar GTA Spano totally made of graphene. Company Graphenano tests graphene not only for batteries but also for car bodies. Not only wheels consist of graphene, but also car body and leather seats.

supercar made of graphene

Moreover, graphene can be received with the help of ordinary tape and kitchen’s blender. However, there is very difficult separate graphene flakes from non splited graphene’s particles without use of specialized equipment (centrifuge).


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