VMPAUTO concluded a contract with LLC "OMZ-Siberia Service"

VMPAUTO concluded a contract with LLC "OMZ-Siberia Service"24 december |

24 december

On December 19, 2013 specialists of VMPAUTO LLC visited "OMZ Siberia Service" company in Kemerovo (Central Russia). This is a regional maintenance service company of "IZ-KARTEX" (the biggest excavator manufacturer in Russia) and "URALMASHZAVOD" that is the leading heavy machine building company in Russia, manufacturing equipment for metallurgy, mining, oil and gas industry, etc.

omz sibir service

Regional service company engineering plants "IZ-KARTEKS" named after PG Korobkova and "URALMASHZAVOD" "OMZ-Siberia-Service".

The "OMZ Siberia Service" company supplies equipment and spare parts as well as provides machines' repair and maintenance. There was presented a board of directors at the meeting.

meeting with directors of sibir service

Seminar: (right to left)

Elon, VA "Technical Director" OMZ "Siberia-service"

Nikitin KV Head of the technical audit OMZ "Siberia-service"

Jantzen VI General Manager, Ph.D. OMZ "Siberia-service"

SV Lobanov Chief specialist of industrial application NPK VMPAUTO

AN Onopriyenko CTO OMZ "Siberia-service"

Jantzen EV CEO OMZ "Siberia-service"

Rumyantsev DS engineers on Research Ltd. "VMPAUTO"

Board of directors of "OMZ Siberia Service" company

The specialists visited Krasnobrodsky coal strip mine where the biggest excavating machines EKG-35 are used for coal production.

krasnobrodskiy the biggest excavating machines EKG-35

For maintenance of these excavating machines EP MC 1000 grease produced by VMPAUTO will be used. This grease has already a wide application of KAMAZ, BELAZ and other machines.

During the meeting specialists of VMPAUTO made a presentation for specialists from mining industry ZAO "Stroy Service", "IZ-KARTEX", "UK KRU", etc.


All of them got a certificate of official representative from VMPAUTO LLC.

certificate of official representative from VMPAUTO LLC

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