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Favorite baby carriage11 january |

11 january

broken baby carriage

When Timofey turned one year, his parents decided to celebrate it by traveling abroad. They had a tradition – celebrate each chilldren’s birthday by traveling abroad, In total they have 2 daughters and one son, excepting Timofey.

So they has started on their journey to the Dominican Republic. Why there? Because this country has warm climate and sea. And what more, they have already been in Austria, Rodos Iland, Egypt etc. and never have been in the Dominican Republic. But there are only nuances, the main thing happened when the happy family quietly were walking through the fragrant surroundings of the resort hotel and baby carriage’s brake jammed, the wheel could not move neither forward, nor backward.

broken baby carriage

The baby carriage has traveled with the family in all countries and has never failed the family. “Do we need to buy the new baby carriage?”,- asked the wife crying. “Not if I can help it!”, answered the head of the family and got from the pocket Swiss knife and small tube of silicone grease “Silicone Aid”, he always carries it in each trip. Just in case. And an opportunity soon presented itself, he lubricated the brake and it became as good as new, and also the baby carriage worked better.

baby carriage with silicone aid

As the result, the vacation in the Dominican Republic for Timofey was easy and pleasant. And the most important this is that Timofey has passed it in his favorite baby carriage.

repaired baby carriage

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