Car wash with autoshampoo "CHISTIK"

Car wash with autoshampoo "CHISTIK"22 august |

22 august

Touchless washing - is surely quick and convenient, but remember that those shampoos contain aggressive ingredients. Think about it - shampoo foam must wash the whole car. What about shampoo for hand washing? How effective are they at their softness?

This weekend we have been challenged by heavy contamination. We had to wash the car completely contaminated with peat. Suzuki Jimny, that you can see below on the photo - is a regular participant in trophy, and the owner of the car is a winner of the first category on sports tourism. So, the degree of contamination of the car is high car, exactly what we need!

Car washing turned out to be not that difficult, and special foamless technology of autoshampoo "CHISTIK" was most welcome in the hot day. In this weather the shampoo foam may dry out under the sun and leave blotchiness but we didn't have such problems.

Sometimes after washing you want to pour your car with water again for admiring it while it's all wet and glitter. We also did so and saw that the water flowing in streams. This means that the car was not only washed but also polished. This is an additional advantage to shine and corrosion protection.

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