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Multipurpose grease MC-1000 in technical documentation of “MAZ”

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16 december

We are glad to inform you that multipurpose metal plating grease EP MC-1000 is approved for all vehicles produced by "MAZ" (MINSK AUTOMOBILE PLANT) and is included in technical documentation.

The multipurpose metal plating grease EP MC-1000 will be included in all actual and future technological manuals and will be used in production of trucks at this plant.

Multipurpose EP grease MC 1000 has been already approved by famous automobile plants in Russia and was included in their maintenance manuals.

Also the EP grease MC 1000 is approved by NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) in USA in 2010 year.

Multipurpose EP metal-plating grease MC-1000 contains nanoparticles that restore surfaces of the metal auto parts, and decreases wear and friction.

EP grease MC-1000 prolongs service life of bearings in several times.

  • Low wear and friction
  • Protection of heavily-loaded friction units
  • Restoration of bearings
  • Good sealing properties

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