Scientific and production Company VMPAUTO celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Scientific and production Company VMPAUTO celebrates its 20th anniversary!09 june |

09 june

vmpauto 20 years in bright greases

Since 1996 we've developed greases nearly for all friction units in the car, bike and now work is humming over the development of motorcycle chain grease. Each lot of greases goes through laboratory tests and only then shipped.

Currently VMPAUTO supplies its products to 30 countries and over 200 cities of Russia. Also in the company's catalog you can find a tunnel-boring products, grinding pastes, cleansers, oil additives.

In addition to retail customers, our products are appreciated by leading car manufacturers such as "KAMAZ", "BelAZ», «Sollers-Isuzu», also "GAZ", "MAZ" and many others.

Since 2016 VMPAUTO is the only domestic manufacturer of biodegradable grease. This allows to use technical equipment in agriculture, shipping, landscaping without harm to the environment.

Recently, with help of blogger Constantine Zarutsky (AcademeG) a film prepared for the company's anniversary was born. From the film you'll learn in which industries VMPAUTO products are used and what contribution high-quality grease do in industry development.

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