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New hand cleansers CHISTIK at an attractive price!

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20 january

new chistik by vmpauto

New cleaning paste for hands CHISTIK is coming to the market!

New CHISTIK is the soft cleanser for hands with natural scrub, it successfully complete product line of hand cleaners and surprise with an attractive price.

Specifically it differs from other hand cleaners with an exclusive compound based on natural components and balanced pH, making it suitable for comfortable daily application and gentle hand skin cleaning.

New hand cleaner does not contain dissolvent. Special detergent components gently clean the hand skin with maximum cleansing effect.

CHISTIK is an ideal hand cleaners designed for daily use in Car Service Stations and has following advantages:

  • Suitable for daily application
  • Does not dry out and injure your skin
  • Removes heavy dirt
  • Does not cause skin irritation

Removes such dirt as

  • Greases
  • Oils
  • Soot

Hand cleaners CHISTIK are available in the package with 2,5L and 11L volume.

Please contact with our export department to know attractive prices on new CHISTIK.



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