Which secrets keep manufacturers about greases from mounting kits?

Which secrets keep manufacturers about greases from mounting kits?26 october |

26 october

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It seems that manufacturers should be worried about the quality and safety of their mounting kits. They spend a lot of energy to create and test each car detail. At that, not many people think, that use of low-quality grease can nullify all forces and energy, which were spent on its development.

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Have you ever thought why Chinese spare parts have lower quality than European? Is the issue only about spare parts? Sure, European units made with the use of higher technologies and has better quality, than Chinese, but more often the grease from mounting kit plays the dominant role, because low quality grease can destroy the unit much earlier, than shelf life expires. We just decided to come into the car service station and see how things stand in reality.

We were frustrated. Look, which consequences can be after the use of this grease from mounting kit of CV-Joint! Actualy, it is hard to call it grease, because it has not been used, but already lost its properties and consistency.


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Such grease will go out from the unit at least.

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Application of high quality grease can prolong the service life of the unit, protect it from wear, even if it is made in China.

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