New design and possibilities of VMPAUTO grease sachets

New design and possibilities of VMPAUTO grease sachets

27 june |
27 june

Stick bags with VMPAUTO greases is not only a convenient way to use lubricants, but also it's a great way to try a new grease for yourself, without overpaying. Now the sachets are even brighter and more attractive due to the color print:

Previous design New design

In addition to updating of the design, we'd like to note the special ergonomics of the package: thanks to the tear-off line and a special nozzle, the lubricant is applied to the part with a thin and accurate layer. Thus, it will be possible to avoid overspending of the grease. And the scissors are no more needed.  


VMPAUTO greases, which can be packed in new sachets:

МС 1600 – 1 sachet is enough to lube all 4 wheels calipers.

МС 1630 –special grease for caliper pins

МС 1620 – anti-scratch grease for back side of breaking pads.

МС 1710 – for battery terminals

Copper grease for threaded connections





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