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The first russian biodegradable grease lubricant was invented in VMPAUTO’s laboratory.

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14 april

One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is that of environmental pollution, increasing with every passing year and causing grave and irreparable damage to the earth. Waste is one of the causes of environmental pollution.

Oil based lubricants contain properties that are dangerous or potentially harmful to human health or the environment. Great amount of lubricants introduces into the environment, contaminating it. This fact is stimulating the interest of society to vegetable-based lubricants.

VMPAUTO LLC has realized that environmental protection is important and invented the first russian biodegradable lubricant in its laboratory, named «MC ECO EP2».

Grease lubricant «MC ECO EP2» is multipurpose biodegradable grease, based on natural vegetable oils. This grease has following properties:

  • environmental friendliness
  • natural vegetable-based oils
  • non-toxic for human and environment
  • Has high degree of Biodegradability: up to 70% of the lubricant can be converted to carbon dioxide and water by naturally occurring micro-organisms.
  • has high tribological properties
  • protects units from wear and prolongs service life of equipment
  • has high adhesion
  • has high mechanical stability: maintains the same consistency during the hole operating period;
  • working temperature from –20 °С up to +120 °С
  • guaranteed shelf life is 1 year

«MC ECO EP2» is designed for open units, such as top of whirler crane and others. It also can be used in cars and mechanisms, which operate in water, on open ground, in agricultural and underground work. Use of biodegradable grease is compulsory, in cases if the lubricant can be introduced into the environment.

Big production of new «MC ECO EP2» is starting next week. Product will be available in cartridge, 375g on May.



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