Russia's first biodegradable grease

Russia's first biodegradable grease24 may |

24 may

use of biodegradable grease

Sometimes equipment is closely related to nature and can have an impact on the environment (eg, agro-industry and shipping). Only biodegradable lubricants should be used for nature purity saving.

Recently VMPAUTO LLC received confirmation from an independent German expertise LAUS GmbH that grease MC ECO EP2 is biodegradable at 98%. Upon that grease is not inferior in its properties to analogs.

  1. Grease has a high degree of biodegradability: over 80% of components are rapidly absorbed by water and soil microorganisms.
  2. High tribological grease properties can effectively protect friction surfaces against wear.
  3. Good adhesion and poor water washability allows grease to hold securely in open mechanisms.
  4. Grease has a high mechanical stability so that its consistency is maintained throughout service life.
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