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Modern and new research technologies in VMPAUTO lab.

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04 march

Rheometer Anton Paar MCR 102VMPAUTO LLC has been always paying attention to research methods of its products. In its laboratory there are more than 20 units of research equipment. Every year we renew our laboratory and acquire 2-3 new units.

One of the most important property of our products is deformation behavior, which became traditional objects of research rheology science.

This is the study of the flow of matter, primarily in the liquid state, but also as 'soft solids' or solids under conditions in which they respond with plastic flow rather than deforming elastically in response to an applied force.

Measure of those properties allows to understand and control service properties and process-dependent parameters of supplied products.

On February 27th, 2014 one of the best in its category apparatus was installed in laboratory of VMPAUTO - modern rheometer Anton Paar MCR 102.

This device is based on a concept at the cutting edge of technology. The modularity of the system allows the integration of a wide range of temperature devices and application-specific accessories. The aparatus is able to work from -40 °С до +200 °С with possibity to wide this range from -150 °С…+1000 °С.

VMPAUTO has acquired a really powerful and highly sensitive aparatus for its researches. With this device we can solve following tasks: mechanical stability of grease, adhesion, grease flow in central lubricating systems, grease simulation in different bearings, and stability of polymers in oils.

This device helps to analyze the ease of grease flow from tube, applying on a surface, etc.

It is necessary to notice that among companies developers and producers of greases there are less than 10 companies who have such aparatus in their laboratories in the world (datas from magazine NLGI Spokesman 1999-2013).

VMPAUTO laboratory

Rheometer Anton Paar MCR 102 in VMPAUTO laboratory



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