Overheat engine protection!

Overheat engine protection!09 june |

09 june

Our team took part in the international exhibition Automechanika in Dubai from 2nd to 4th of June. They have tested iMagnet P14 in equatorial temperatures. The third part of population lives in these conditions.

world temperature zones

Scientific department of VMPAUTO has proved that iMagnet P14 reduces moment of friction and as a result reduces temperature in all friction zones of the engine, thanks to its polymeric complex. Test was made with the application of iMagnet P14, engine oil Castrol Magnatec 5W-40 A3/B4 and friction machine ИИ-5018.

Depending on loads temperature was reduced on 15-36%. The higher the load the greater effect the product gives.

influence of temperature on friction zone

Friction moment was reduced on 35%-60%. Maximum effect has been reached at the highest loads.

friction moment

Owner of Toyota LandCruiser 2014- Aziz Ali Asghar- from Dubai, UAE has test iMagnet P14. He marked not only increasing of his motor efficiency at high temperatures but also reducing of fuel consumption.

imagnet p14 car

Aziz noted that before application of iMagnet P14, full tank was enough for 430 km. Now, his car can drive 483 km with the full tank. Fule consumption was reduced up to 12%.

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imagnet p14 in the engine

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