Adding = refreshing!?

Are you adding engine oil to correct level?

Oil level is highly important for a long and stable engine work.

But what happens to oil? Where it goes?

If there is no leaking, then oil burns in the engine. Part of the combustion products gets into the exhaust and clogs the filters, and the other part settles on the surface of the parts as a dense mass. And the lower the quality of the added oil - the more dirt it leaves in inside.

Oil adding - is not the norm, but a progressing problem in the engine.

And the more oil you pouring - the more carbon deposits.

You can search less burning oil for a long time, use carbon cleaners and change valve stem seals without solving the main reason - wear.

In 80% cases, oil consumption was caused by wear of engine parts and the oil deposits only speed up the process.

Break the vicious circle - use RESURS

It will solve the main cause of the problem - the wear of engine parts and reduce oil burning up to 5 times.

Produced since 2002, tested on 12 milions of vehicles in 30 countries.

The winner of international prizes and certificates.

Patented in USA and Russia



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