Grease for plastic pipes   

Grease for plastic pipes

Facilitates pipes assemblage and dismantling


  • Guarantied frost-resistance up to -30°C
  • Saves up elasticity of rubber seals
  • Makes easier mounting of plastic pipes for drainage and sewerage

Test of FORPLAST grease on frost restance

ID: 2501

GREASE FOR MOUNTING OF PLASTIC PIPES is intended for professional and individual application. 



  • Unique working temperature -30°C lets apply grease FORPLAST without quality losses of lubrication in cold time of the year, on open air as well as in buildings under construction.


  • FORPLAST makes easier mounting of pipes and profiled parts of sewerage and drainage systems.


  • FORPLAST provides system flexibility during exploitation.


  • FORPLAST protects rubber seals from drying out and damages.


Application method: before conjunction mounting, evenly apply a bit quantity of grease on smooth pipe ending or profiled parts.

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