How to increase engine power in 15 minutes?

How to increase engine power in 15 minutes?16 february |

16 february

ДВС. Увеличиваем мощность

Engine power can be increased by a few ways such a chip-tuning, engine changing, increasing engine cylinders volume and more. Which way to choose, what needs to know and how to increase power by 7% in 15 minutes - see in that article.

The engine power is influenced by many factors, including fuel, oil viscosity, and the parts condition. Let's look at each factor separately.

Before starting to improve the engine, it is necessary to understand whether the engine is running at full power. Trust your own feelings to understand, is you car running and speeding-up well or something is wrong. Of course, the automatic gearbox does not have a quick response on a trottle. Check if there are any internal problems with the engine. To do this, just look at the smoke from the exhaust pipe. Bright blue or dark blue exhaust color means the oil burning in the combustion chamber. Oil get into the chamber if the equipment is improperly installed (if the engine was repaired) or if there are wear of the rings on the pistons.

If car seems fine, speeds up quickly, but you want more, then you can increase engine power by a few ways:

1. By using high octane gasoline. Then more octane value, then more fuel resist to autoignition. As a result - the more power from fuel ignition.

2. By changing air filter to zero resistance filter, so you provide more eair to the engine. Increased air volume increases the compression ratio in the cylinders. It's also increases ignition power and, as a result, engine power.

3. Installing of straight-through silencer allows to add a few percentage to the engine power. Power, which loose during the exhaust of gases is stays. But it's not enough to install staight-through silencer. A lot of types, low material quality, poor production quality doesn't provide a good results.

4. Chip-tuning increases the amount of injected fuel. In that case, you'll get a +5-25% of power and 10-15% of torque. Chip-tuning will be useful only for engines without compressor.

5. Changing of engine parts - cylinders or pistons will give a feelable effect, and using of lighter crankshaft parts, which works with high rate, will increase the power. For car owners, who chooses that way, we recommend to change the whole engine to the more power ones. As we noticed, that kind of tuning are more cheap then the mass of small changes.

6. Power increasing can be also performed by a reducing of frictional force. We talking about friction between piston and cylinder walls. Usually, the engine oil handles this, but you can significaly reduce frictional forces by using RESURS Total engine restorer. The action of RESURS is to create a protective film, restore the surface of the cylinders and pistons and of course, increase the power of the engine by reducing the frictional force. By this way, engine power is increased by 7-7.6%, which is quite good especially with the cost of remetallizant and the speed of its impact.Resurs.

As you can see, there is a lot of ways to increase engine power and you can choose any of them. Another thing, that the any change of the engine can be a local, but will have effect at all engine units. For example - increased power needs in better braking system. This works shoul be maintanced by a professionals and the materials and parts should have a best characteristics and features to meet all requirments.

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