Lube the calipers when changing brake pads!

Lube the calipers when changing brake pads!17 february |

17 february

Water, mud, salt, hight temperature over the 200°C and 5-10 years without changing of grease! In that conditions calipers works and provides your safety.

Exactly the grease is a guard barrier, whic protects caliper side pins from the wear, corrosion and sucking. So why, due to changing of brake pads, we do not pay attention to the grease? Think about it.

Dmitry - car mechanic with 15 years of experience.

«Caliper guide have a rubber sealant and it's cant be treated by an ordinary grease. It will cause the deformation and damage of rubber and will make the next disassembling more complicated.


Disassembling of the caliper will take no more then 2 minutes, if we use MC1600 grease due to changing the brake pads.


Due to high adhesion, grease do not allow the water pass through and protects from corrosion. Grease can be easily applied on a cylinder surface if simply rise a dust guard by screwdriver. Piston, treated by a MC1600 grease, works without a leaking of breaking fluid even when cylinder is weared.»

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