Engine flush, how to?

Engine flush, how to?17 february |

17 february


In the car owners community there is a conflicting points on how to wash the oil system. Some arguing that it's enough to change the oil and the oil filter by a manufacturer intervals. Some tells to use the washing oils with strong detergent components. Others regularly use special flushes for oil systems. Also in each car service there is a service for a deep engine flushing. Its cost in some regions reaches $1,000 USD, and even higher.

What experts says about it.


Elman Pengiev – chief of the scientific lab:

« Carbon, wear Carbon, products of wear and varnish deposits in the engine – it is the natural consequences of using oil and fuel. Any oil contains detergent components, which must prevent these consequences in the process of operation. But, as our experience shows, this rarely happens, especially if the car is not new».

Conclusion: Simply maintenance of the engine will not be enough.

As for washing oils and washing compositions, so the main difference is in the concentration of the active agent. In flushes, this concentration is higher, and so it is more effective and faster to wash the varnish, carbons and other deposits in the system.

In addition, washing oils are regularly used for preventive purposes, and the using of flushes can be limited to once a year or two or to be carried out on demand. For example, if you change the oil type or solve a specific problem:

  • Different compression of cylynders
  • Excessive vibration and noise
  • Unstable work, rpm jumps

Below the results of live experiment with iMagnet engine flush:



Russian famous blogger AcademeG:

«Main purpose of that action – is to clean the VANOS, because they are extremly noise while starting. First, we pour cheap oil into the engine, because I know, that it washes well.

Then we warm up the engine and pour iMagnet flush into it. It softly and accouracy, without tears, cleans the engine. Now, according to manufacturer's instruction, we ride for a 500 km. Main requirment is a mid speed and slow acceleration.

Milage is 250 km.

«We ride 250km from Vyborg and back on a next day from the adding. And for the first look, which immediately catches your eye, is the sound due to engine start. It became much quieter, and the cracking noise is gone, which is absolutely unordinary for this car. And, of course, all of that effects is on the absolutely cold engine».

500 km later.

«Oil with milage of 8000 km, which we pour off before, was much lighter then now. We see the absolutely clean metal surfaces under the thin layer of black oil. We pour off that oil and pour the new one. Engine flushing is finished.

In fresh oil, as often, I add HTHS oil stabiliser iMagnet P14 for a better lubricating and protection of engine.

Result: silent engine start-up without any varnish deposits».

Part of that article based on live test of iMagnet engine flush on a Range Rover. Author - Konstanin Zaruckiy aka AcademeG, famous youtube blogger. Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/AcademeG

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