New economic package, cheaper than metal can on 25%

New economic package, cheaper than metal can on 25%

21 january |
21 january

mc1000 in new aluminium sachet

Dear friend, crisis is not the reason to wait for better time and give up. This led us to decisive actions!

VMPAUTO LLC is producer of innovative lubricants, we supply our products to KAMAZ, BELAZ, GAZ, TONAR and other vehicle manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries, and now we have started producing of well-known greases MC-1000, MC CV-Joint, MC 1510 BLUE, MC 1520 RUBIN in a new package-aluminum sachet, 400g.

vmpauto greases in new aluminium sachet

New package is not also good looking, more convenient and easy to use, but it also has an attractive price. It will be 25% cheaper for consumers than greases in metal cans. New package of the products and good price will give impulse to sales.

boost of greases sales in a new package

The survey has shown that consumer’s interest to economy and soft package is rising. VMPAUTO’s engineers have an aim to create not only economy package, but also make it attractive and good looking. The has reached the aimed and have created it. New sachet is made of extra strange aluminum laminated film 3 soldered seam.

application methods of new aluminium sachet

VMPAUTO is the first Russian company who has started to produce sachets, 400g. Our company is also ready to manufacture our products under your privet label.

We can put your company information and logo on each kind of our sachet! Please contact our export department to know more information!

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