The valve grinding in 15 seconds

The valve grinding in 15 seconds

14 june |
14 june

Feedback on testing the updated Grinding paste composition

From brazzersgarage blog at drive2

MAZDA 626 GE, FS 2.0 engine


Samples - the first three were bought for their own. Every one for ~$5 

I have never done this before and started to choose pastes. From the Internet is not so clear, so I took the VMP professional, diamond and FABO,  to try in comparison.

In the photo from left to right: 1 — old dead valve; 2 — 2 times diamond + FABO; 3 twice diamond.

I must say that I did not like the "Professional", it's longer than the diamond one, and the roughness (in my subjective look through the glasses) seems larger, but it corresponds to markings on tubes with paste. Maybe it's because of the solid steel valve seats in 1993 from Japan. 

Diamond - is quite good, the rough sound of grinding disappears after 4 minutes of work. And on my dead valves with seats, an average of two treatments with diamond paste was enough. 

ФАБО — не знаю, стоит или нет. НО! отлично работает, как индикатор качества: если после работы с алмазной ты видишь ровный серый пояс клапана и седла, шириной миллиметра 3, то после обработки этой медной пастой видишь лишь поясок в 1 мм… значит нужно еще пилить алмазной, ну или той, что притираете. Но такого ровного медного пояса, как в рекламе, у меня не вышло, и после того, как голова разобранная и притертая провалялась месяц в гараже, покрытие потускнело (нужно сразу собирать, видимо).

FABO - I do not know whether it's worth it or not. BUT! Works great and the quality indicator: if after working with a diamond you see an even gray belt of a valve and a saddle with a width of a 3 millimeters, then after processing this copper paste you see only a 1 mm belt ... then you need to use a diamond, well, or the one that grinds. 

What to do is not necessary when grinding - to use a drill! You will not save the time, but you will make scratches on the saddle and the valve.

In theory, the heavily killed valves and the Head are best left to the groove and milling on the machine, but who will do it well and for free.

Processed each valve twice by diamond and once FABO. It turned out beautifully, but the forces were gone and everything was abandoned.

I have saw a promo from the VMPAUTO company with a test of a new grinding pastes. Has called them and guys kindly provided a new test paste for thank you.

Positioned as an analog professional. Even the colors are the same. But it seemed to me even better than diamond.

It's with this paste that it really takes two minutes (all the valves - editor's note) to take a lap. The grinding sound of the abrasive disappears after minute and a half. As they say in VMPAUTO, the abrasive is grinded during grinding, and its grains decreases, i.e. rough and finishing processing at once.

I had one broken exhaust valve seat (scratches and dents on the valve of the first cylinder, as if a small piece of metal had got there), and two Diamond laps did not fix it, although they removed most of the jambs. I tried it on it.

What to add:

  1. First, you grind the valves, assemble the head, and only then grind the head, because In the process you can bend it, as I did.
  2. Grind by hands, not by drill.
  3. Wipe the paste with a toilet paper, and then with a cloth with a solvent. So it is better to see that the paste was removed.
  4. On the valve, it is desirable to put a dot by marker. Helps determine which angle to shift when lapping.
  5. Do not delay with the assembling.

Thanks to VMPAUTO for the provided sample, I like it.

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