How to Use Social Media to Gain 3 Times More Clients?

How to Use Social Media to Gain 3 Times More Clients?

15 april |
15 april

GBS — is one of Moldavia's best-known companies that sells car spare parts and provides vehicle technical maintenance. GBS has a chain of 12 stores in the Moldovan cities of Chisinau, Cahul and Balti and its own repair shop. It`s the distributor of VMPAUTO since 2015.

You can find many products of VMPAUTO`s production in the stores AUTODOCTOR: oil additives, greases, grinding pastes, engine flushes and car care products.

In 2019 guys decided to promote the oil additive RESURS. They`ve  focused on advertising on Facebook and Instagram using targeting options. The key advantage of this type of ads is that you can target your announcements by interests of the audience. So, only those who are really interested in the subject will see your ads.

The advertisements were divided according to the problems that automobilists face and which RESURS resolves: the oil burn and smoke, the noise and vibrations of the engine, the over-consumption of fuel and the wear of the engine’s parts. The advertising was personified — the owners of cars Toyota saw the announcements only of their car while the Audi owners of theirs.

The automobilists recognized their problems in these ads. And looking for the way to solve them, they went to the website to find out more about the RESURS product.

The website is created to provide the client with all the necessary information about the product. The consumer can find out what effect the remetalizer RESURS has, study the scientific tests, watch bloggers “live tests” and read real customers reviews.  If the user has any doubts he can ask directly the Head of scientific laboratory of VMPAUTO using a form on the website.

To facilitate the purchase, on the website there is an interactive calculator that defines how many bottles of  RESURS each client needs. Right here the user may leave the contact information to call him back or choose the nearest store on the city`s map to buy the product.

During the campaign of the RESURS`s promotion the sales of this product increased by 3 times in one month.

Maxim Sologub, GBS import manager, says about the results of this advertising campaign:

“We are very grateful to VMPAUTO for this advertising campaign. Now not only professionals know RESURS but all automobilists who have seen our advertising on the internet. The wide range of VMPAUTO products allows us to meet the needs of each of our customers”.

Our friends in AUTODOCTOR are satisfied with the results of the campaign. They plan to continue advertising using social media.

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