Choosing the Right Grease for CV-Joints?

Choosing the Right Grease for CV-Joints?

25 january |
25 january


Did you hear “crunch” on turning of your car? Did you feel vibration or noise? No doubts, your cv-joint is broken.

It is not safe use car with broken cv-joint, so you need to check it. Probably, broken cv-joint will be wet. In case if you have seen it before hearing of “crunches” there will be chance to save it.

So, you just will be needed to buy new axle boot, if you are lucky, or buy new mounting kit, if you are not.

In both of these variants you should use right grease. The service life of your new cv-joints depends on its quality. So, let’s start to find new high quality grease.

Grease MC CV-Joint

Best price/quality ratio

Start choosing right grease with inspection of its package. The tube shall not leak; it cannot be oily by touch – this usually means that the product is stratified and trying to leak from the tube. The best package is transparent sachet, some companies produces greases in sachets made of transparent film.

This package has a lot of advantages-one sachet is aimed to be used for one cv-joint, you should not overpay for the package and also you can see the products quality. If you will follow the rule of best price/quality ratio sachet, package will be the best choice.

Also you should not save on grease and buy the cheapest one. It will be better if the grease will be quite popular. Remember, the price of grease is significantly less than the cost of cv-joint replacement.


Stability test

Just suppose that the grease is bought and ready for use. Lets’s make several tests to check it’s quality.

So, you need to check it’s consistency. Squeeze small quantity of grease on sheet of paper. If there is no any oily spot on paper around grease within one minute, grease is quite stable.

Oily spots around grease mean that it does not conform to standards and it can exfoliate inside of cv-joint.

Consistence test


Good grease for cv-joints should have 2/3 NLGI consistency number. Usually, NLGI number is written on the package.

If it is not, you can check it by yourself; try to make a tower with grease higher than 2 cm (equal to the height of 1 rub on the picture). If you did it, it means that the grease has right for cv-joint NLGI number.


In simple words, adhesion is stickiness. Squeeze small quantity of grease on the surface and press down with your finger. It should stretch like bubble gum. It will guarantee that the grease will not leak from cv-joint and will not be washed out from the unit by water even if the axle boot is broken. The thinner filaments are formed by the stretching, the better is the lubricant.

Test of grease adhesion2Test of grease adhesion


Quality grease always contains additives. Usually there are molybdenum, graphite, metal particles and etc. Graphite is a good antifriction material, time proved. But it has one disadvantage-particle agglomeration and blocking, which lead to the damage of cv-joint.

Molybdenum-is a perfect additive in case if there is a need to reduce friction, but it is useless if it is aimed to reduce wear, molybdenum does not restore anything, do not listen to salesman.

Soft metal is usually alloy of tin, silver and copper which fill micro damages in metal surfaces of friction pairs, reducing wear. But it is very difficult to find this kind of grease. If you succeed, have no doubt- you will be satisfied with this grease.

Mounting Kits

Example of grease from mounting kit.

It is another issue, provoking laugher. In 99.9% of cases, grease from non-original mounting kit has nothing in common with grease. Usually, it is packed with something reminiscent a mixture of used engine oil and tar.

We publish photo of this grease specially for you. It does not look attractive, isn’t it?

The best way, especially for Chinese units-is to extract the grease from the unit and wash out with dissolvent or gasoline and apply quality grease.

Instead of conclusion

To sum up, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the role of grease was never as important as the role of the manufacturer of the mounting kit. It’s amazing, but quality grease can save the unit, which in 10 times more expensive. Do not forget it and approach the subject thoroughly.

Good luck on the road!

CV-joint grease МС-SHRUS is a metal plating grease based on lithium complex for CV-joints.

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