Not everything that comes from the factory is fine.

Not everything that comes from the factory is fine.

25 june |
25 june

How does a powerful commerce and transportation company in Peru lose millions because of a small component?

We will talk about the electric forklifts of the company MAQUIPERU, produced by the famous Yale brand. MAQUIPERU has a fleet of more than 30 forklifts, which are use independently and also leases them.

Pic: dismantled forklift without axle

Each of these beauties, in theory, since leaving the factory are "ready to work", but not everything turns out as well as you would like.

Approximately every 2,500 hours of operation (only a few months) the axles of the forklifts begin to fail, which stops its operation for a few days. Pick the equipment from the client's base to carry out the repair, square the replacement, organize the transport, acquire components, waste time and money in repairs, all because of a typical malfunction in a fundamental part - the wheel bearing.

Each of the machines has this problem and each of them seriously harms both the financial and social health of the organization.

And what is the problem? Lubrication! As always, the fault lies with the lubrication.

The workloads in the bearing are so great that the friction it creates causes the grease to burn and lose all its lubricating properties, which eventually results in a metal-metal friction and destruction of the mechanism.

Pic: on the left- bearing that was broken because of wrong grease  

. The engineers of the company MAQUIPERU turned to the representative of the company VMPAUTO in Lima, Peru to solve this problem. The main grease for the wheel bearings, was decided to be the MC1000 grease for its forklifts fleet.

Pic: Grease MC- 1000 is quite good for ball and roll bearings that works under high loads. 

Excellent friction reduction, surface restoration technology thanks to the metal-plating technology and excellent lubrication quality allowed to stop the breakdown and the correct fulfillment of the equipment's work cycles in their service maintenance intervals.

To date, tests of grease MС-1000 in Peru continue. But the first results are already noticeable. No one single request for a service appeared. We are looking forward to the results and would like to remind about importance of using quality grease. Especially where any downtime causes financial losses.

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