First VMPAUTO oil – power steering fluid (PSF)

First VMPAUTO oil – power steering fluid (PSF)

20 june |
20 june

We are glad to present you the first VMPAVTO oil - the hydraulic power steering fluid GLOW PSF!

This is not just a novelty in the assortment - it is also a new direction in the company activities.

Volume: 1 L

Cross-code: 9201

About research

Ultrasound degradability test

VMPAUTO laboratory The VMPAUTO laboratory conducted a thorough comparative test of 15 hydraulic fluids of different price categories.

This report contains the main points of the study and the key characteristics of several products. 

1. Anti-wear effect

The test on a 4-ball friction machine is a classic test, which allows to determine the anti-wear properties of fluids due to operating at elevated temperatures

2. Stability at low temperatures

Low viscosity of the fluid at negative temperatures provides good pumpability and reliable protection of the system, but high viscosity leads to malfunction and wear of the units.

Flowability at -40°C

The time of filling the containers after flask flipping

3. Mechanical stability

Hydraulic fluids should have a good mechanical stability to maintain viscosity and working properties as long as possible.

The study of hydraulic fluids showed:

  • Two of the three tested oils are not able to work in conditions of serious frosts and their use will lead to wear and failure of the system.
  • Glow PSF is similar in properties to Pentosin CHF 11S, meets the requirements of Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, DIN 51524 T3 and has a pour point of -60 ° C
  • With an average mechanical stability, Glow PSF has high anti-wear properties, which extends the service life of the units
  • Strict accordance to the standards allows to use Glow PSF as a fluid for shock absorbers, hydropneumatic suspensions and other automotive hydraulic systems.

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