Special offer for car service providers

Special offer for car service providers

19 december |
19 december

Dear friends! Today we are announcing the new grease for brake system! PAG!
High-temperature polyalkylene glycol based grease was developed for caliper slide pins and pistons. Possesses high protective- conservation properties and resistance to water washout. Reduces the surface friction, secures slide pins and pistons from jamming, even prevents brake pads wear and increases its service interval.

Special offer for car service providers

Polyalkylene glycol lithium complex grease “PAG” by VMPAUTO is a new word in the lubricant market for calipers. Completely replaces the analogue TRW PFG110 and provides consumers with the opportunity to get high-quality lubricants at the best price.

Developed in collaboration with experts.

Available for order

Name  Weight Shipment
ОЕМ-tube 20gr 17.12.2018

Start of mass production - the end of January 2019

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