The best grease — for the best guide pins

The best grease — for the best guide pins

13 august |
13 august

VMPAUTO offers to its clients contract production under their own brand. We have a variety of packages for all types of customers.

The best parts deserve the best grease

PAG is polyalkyleneglycol base grease for guide pins and caliper pistons - direct analog of TRW PFG 110

  • Superior protection from corrosion and wear.
  • Resistance to coking and mixing with dirt.
  • Strongest water repellent grease.
  • Neutral to rubber and plastic.
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C to + 200°C.

Why is contract manufacturing beneficial?

Repair kits with PAG - care for your customers.

  • Best price
    price per unit - from $0.05 per 2g (enough for two guide pins)
  • Any packing
    you choose the shape, weight, packaging design (from 2gr)
  • Bright design
  • The best designers of VMPAUTO will create a personalized packing.
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