VMPAUTO was in the spotlight at the exhibition "Auto World 2016"

VMPAUTO was in the spotlight at the exhibition "Auto World 2016"

11 april |
11 april

The booth was dedicated to the brake system, from lubrication to full replacement of the caliper.

Together with partners, specializing in servicing the calipers, we have held several master classes, competitions and promotions.

Though how else was it possible to name this symbiosis of experts who provide traffic safety at the expense of effective braking?

Yet there was Panda Civic (sport car 650 kg weight), its "technicals" VAZ 2102 Lada 1971, track bike Kawasaki Ninja and motorists favorites – “Pump my Range”and Okazia (famouse Russian blogger AcademeG).

At April 9th there were a lot of people who wished to see the presentation of sport car with smoke screen and also to meet Russian blogger AcademeG. According to our most conservative estimates the booth from 12AM to 15AM was visited more than 1,000 people.

At April 10th there’ve been drifting competitions. For the 1st, 2nd and 3d places each participant received a VMPAUTO product package + memorable calendar 'Greases - are an art. "Also, the IVth place had a special prize - drifter received a year's supply of dry hand cleanser “CHISTIK” in buckets.

As easily people came on exhibition as easily they left it - at 3PM Konstantin took away large amount of people to the parking lot in front of the SCC. The continuation of the program was the special offer of free test of Resurs and iMagnet P14 in car engines.

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