Autoshampo & silicone protection   

Autoshampo & silicone protection

Shampoo and car polish in one bottle


Autoshampoo with car polish contains shampoo, 

which possesses high washing ability, 

and 35% of car polish agents.



  • «Silicone Protection» is 65% of shampoo + 35% car polish;
  • Recommended for manual washing
ID: 7201

 How it works


Silicone forms a waterproof film on the car body.
This film protects the car from corrosion and provides crystal brilliance.
It is recommended to use for manual washing.
Dosage: 50-100ml of shampoo per 10 liters of water
To improve the brilliance effect apply shampoo with a tissue,
and treat the car body by circus movements.

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