Protective cream (water-repellent)   

Protective cream (water-repellent)

Paste protects from water solutions. Use before work.

Protects skin from water and water solutions. Recommended to be used in different industries (mining, refining, chemical, building, etc.)

Protects skin from penetration of different substances:

  • Acid solutions;
  • Alkali solutions;
  • Salt solutions;
  • Superficially active substance;
  • Water solutions of cutting fluids.
ID: 6501

Apply a thin layer on cleaned and dried skin. Dry skin for 1-2 min. It is recommended to apply the cream 2 times per day. After work wash your hands with warm water and hand cleansers «PROFI» or «EXTREME». It is recommended to apply Protective cream «CHISTIK» (revitalizing) after work.

Protective cream «CHISTIK» (water-repellent) do not leave fat trace on skin or clothes. The cream creates a thin protection layer which prevents penetration of hazardous substances. The protective cream «CHISTIK» (water-repellent) keeps hands sensitive.

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