Hand cream (revitalizing)   

Hand cream (revitalizing)

Restores skin, softens and moisturizes

Protective cream «CHISTIK» (REVITALIZING) was developed to restore skin after contact with hazardous substances. Recommended to be used in different industries (mining, refining, chemical, building, etc.)

Apply the cream to moisture skin after work with hazardous substances and after wear of rubber gloves.

ID: 6701

Protective cream «CHISTIK» (REVITALIZING) restores skin, eliminate skin irritation created by influence of chemical substances. Protective cream «CHISTIK» (REVITALIZING) restores skin, softens and moisturizes.

Protective cream «CHISTIK» (REVITALIZING):

  • Stimulates skin protective functions;
  • Restores skin hydrophile-lipophile balance
  • Restores skin after influence of chemical substances;
  • Softens and moisturizes;
  • Easy in application;
  • Non allergenic;
  • Repair skin

Apply after work on clean and dry hands.

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