Resurs Total for Automatic TransmissionResurs Total for Automatic Transmission   

Resurs Total for Automatic Transmission

Article: 4701

Restoration and protection of hydraulic automatic transmissions from wear.


  • Restoration and antiwear protection of automatic transmission
  • Protection from overheating
  • Protection during gear changes
  • Elimination of micro cracks

It is aimed to be added into the transmission oil

ID: 4701
ID: 4702

How it works

Engine Restorer RESURS is a lubricating composition for restoration and prevention of wear and tear of petrol and diesel engines, transmissions and gear boxes.

Engine Restorer RESURS consists of nanoparticles of the alloy of copper, tin and silver, is poured into the engine oil system. RESURS doesn't change the properties of motor oil, only uses it as a mean of delivery in the most areas of friction and wear. The particles activate in areas of friction under high temperature and pressure and fill micro damages metal surface of the engine.

The film formed by RESURS has a porous structure, that is like a sponge holds the oil in the area of friction parts, preventing further deterioration.

In comparison with other products, RESURS forms a porous structure, which retains oil as a sponge and saves it in the friction zone, protecting metal parts from wear during cold start, engine overheating, sharp acceleration or hard braking.

RESURS is an alternative to expensive repair of cylinder – piston part.

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