IMAGNET PSF - Power Steering Repair Fluid   

IMAGNET PSF - Power Steering Repair Fluid

Power steering repair fluid "iMagnet PSF" by VMPAUTO solves problems:

● low pressure of steering fluid due to wear of pump;
● noise and vibration in the end
position of steering wheel;
● Tight steering wheel.

Visible in UV-light.

Safe for sealants. Do not contain solid particles.

ID: 5201

  • restores antioxidant properties of hydraulic fluid
  • increases protection from corrosion
  • Increases anti-foam properties of fluid.
  • Increases anti-wear properties
  • Reduces noise of hydraulic pump, caused by increased wear of main parts.
  • Prevents jamming of the impeller due to anti-wear additives
  • Solves the Tight steering wheel problem, by restoring the pressure of pump and by reducing the leaking of fluid
  • Does not affect the seals of steering rail
Заливаем присадку для ГУРа. Устраняем гул, скрипы и другие неприятные звуки, которые возникают вследствие сильного износа деталей гидроусилителя

iМagnet PSF should be poured in hydraulic power steering tank in amount of 1 or 2 bottles per 1 lite

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