RESURS MOTO for all types of motorcycle clutches   

RESURS MOTO for all types of motorcycle clutches

For engine repair without disassembling and protection of 4-stroke motorcycle engines (with wet and dry clutch).

Indications for use:

  • Oil burn
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Engine noise
  • Reduced compression
ID: 4801

Easy to use

Pour RESURS into the engine oil. Particles do not effect on oil, it's used only to delivery on friction zones.

Protect engine from wear

The tests showed, that RESURS is prevents wear from the first seconds of engine start.

The wear of a chrome rings. The width of a grooves equals to the wear.

Quick effect after ~150km.

Due to activity of main particles (compound of copper, tin nad silver), the effect is visible after just a 150km.

How RESURS works?

Main active ingredient - nanopowder of cuprum, tin and silver compound gets into friction zone and creating metalplating layer on the surface of the components. He is able to smooth all metal surface defects and to improve the performance of a cylinder group and a camshaft bearings. RESURS doesn't change the properties of motor oil, which only used for delivering to zones of friction and wear.

Under the high temperature and pressure, the powder particles activises and starts to restore the surfaces, firstly the damaged ones. Differently to previous generations of compounds, RESURS forms porous structure, which as a foam keeps oil on friction zone, preventing the engine parts from wearing due to cold starting or overheating the engine.


  1. It's better to change the engine oil and filter.
  2. Warm up the engine and turn it off;
  3. Shake the bottle for 20-30 sec;
  4. Pour RESURS into the engine oil system;
  5. Run engine at idle for 10-15 min;


Bottles (50g)

Dosage- 3% of oil volume

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