Engine Flush iMAGNETEngine Flush iMAGNET   

Engine Flush iMAGNET

Provides soft cleaning of engine oil system

It does not contain harmful components and acts gradually. Engine Flush iMagnet removes dirt and prevents exfoliation of large particles and ingress into pipes, filters and units with close gap. Engine Flush iMagnet improves work of engine units sensitive to contaminations, such as VANOS BMW, HONDA VTEC, TOYOTA VVTI, turbine and oil-cooler.

Shelf life 2 years

Dosage: 1 bottle for 3-5 l of engine oil

ID: 5102

Dosage: 1 bottle for 3-5 l of engine oil

How to use Engine Flush iMagnet

1.Warm up the engine up to work temperature and stop it.
2.Pour the content of the bottle into the oil system. Check oil level with dipstick. It should not exceed the maximum.
3.Drive 200-500 km
4.Run the oil with engine flush off, pour new engine oil and change oil filter.
5.Enjoy results of Engine Flush iMagnet.

Composition: crudes, detergents, anti-friction and anti-corrosion additives.

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