Engine Flush RESURS   

Engine Flush RESURS

It is designed to clean the oil system of gasoline and diesel engines from low-and high-temperature carbon deposits: varnish, carbon deposits, sludge.

The product dissolves difficult-to-dissolve substances in oil, eliminating the possibility of blockage of oil drainage channels and damage by abrasive particles. It is effective for deep cleaning of oil drainage channels, oil rings, cleaning of hydraulic and other components of the engine without disassembling.

ID: 9601

 It completely dissolves the carbon deposits in the oil. It is recommended to increase compression - decarbonization, ring cleaning, oil pump, distribution (Vanos, VVTi) of oil channels etc.

  • Return mobility to the rings
  • Does not affect the paint in the oil pan
  • Dissolve waste and lacquer deposits

RESURS cleaner is much better than the usual internal cleaners. See the difference:

Follow the instructions for use and the product will always be safe

  1. Check the oil level and choose the appropriate dose. The 100 ml bottle is used for 4-5 liters of oil. With another amount of oil, apply 25 ml per liter of oil.
  2. Warm up the engine to operating temperature, turn it off.
  3. Apply an appropriate dose of the product to the used motor oil or the special oil for washing.
  4. For effective cleaning of highly contaminated engines, it is necessary to maintain the engine speed in the range of 1700-2300 rpm for 20-25 minutes without load.
  5. Turn off the engine and allow it to cool to safely drain used oil.
  6. Change filter and oil.
  7. In highly contaminated engines, we recommend repeating the procedure after 1-2 thousand km or during the next oil change.

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