Jointing compound PASTUM H2OJointing compound PASTUM H2OJointing compound PASTUM H2OJointing compound PASTUM H2OJointing compound PASTUM H2O   

Jointing compound PASTUM H2O

Sealant paste for threaded connections of water pipes


  • Provides high hermeticity of connections

  • Facilitates systems mounting

  • Protects from corrosion

  • Assures flax oxidation

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How it works

Jointing compound for threaded connections in hot and cold water pipeline systems as well as in low-pressure steam systems. 

It is allowed to use PASTUM jointing compound in potable water pipelines.

It is used with flax / hemp.

By contact with water flax oxidizes. After one year oxidation leads to flax destruction.

Jointing compound PASTUM securely protects flax from destruction and provides connections hermecity.

Jointing compound PASTUM facilitates pipes mounting and adjustment. 

Adjustment angle should be not less than 45° without losses of hermecity. 

In contrast to hermetics the jointing compound PASTUM lets easily dismantle  threaded connections of your equipment.


Working temperature range:

  • to + 140 °С
  • under pressure up to 0,8 МPa (8 bar)


  • Provides better flax wettability;
  • Provides connections hermecity;
  • Facilitates system mounting;
  • Protects from metal corrosion;
  • Prevents from flax oxidation;
  • Facilitates to dismantle threaded connections;
  • Non-toxic and doesn't irritate hands skin.



1. Clean thoroughly the thread's surface;


2. Compactly wind flax within the thread direction;


3. Apply an even layer of jointing compound PASTUM;


4. Assemble the connection.

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