Grease for battery terminal МС 1710Grease for battery terminal МС 1710   

Grease for battery terminal МС 1710

Produced for lubrication of battery terminals and other electrical contacts.

Forms protective film and protects contacts from corrosion, dust, moisture and salt.

Important! Apply on closed battery terminal!

ID: 8003

Conductor system of car is static and therefore has no wear. However, it requires proper maintenance and attention.

Care intends cleaning and lubricating of contacts and battery terminals. We recommend to carry out this procedure at the beginning of each season.

What for:

  1. Contact assembly gets oxidized under the influence of the external environment, which leads to increase of energy consumption. As a consequence - speed of battery discharging increased.
  2. Battery terminal that got stick to battery leads is impossible to separate without damaging. Grease for battery terminals prevents this problem.

Grease MC-1710 for battery terminals contains anti-corrosion additives and slows down the oxidation process.

Important! Apply on closed battery terminal!

Grease composition: hydrocarbons, thickener, anti-corrosive additives, adhesion intensive, dye.

Смазка МС 1710 для клемм аккумулятора.

Наносим смазку с красителем для предотвращения проблем с аккумулятором в будущем.

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