Innovative Grease for Tripod CV-joints and needle bearingsInnovative Grease for Tripod CV-joints and needle bearings   

Innovative Grease for Tripod CV-joints and needle bearings

Article: 1917


  • Is intended for using in inner cv-joints and needle bearings of all vehicles
  • Has soft consistency (NLGI 1) and high level of penetration to small clearances
  • Does not contain solid additives
  • Was designed with the use of engine oil with medium viscosity index to ensure reliable operation at low and high temperatures, as well as in a wide range of velocity of shear
  • High working temperature (up to +160ºС)
  • Extends the service life of units, due to its high antiscoring and antiwear properties

ID: 1917

Why it's important to use
right grease

Main feature of the CV-joint is that he consists of needle bearings. Those bearings are very demanding to grease properties: consistency, additives and temperature range.

Increases lifetime of bearings and CV-Joints

Due to hight anti-wear properties.

Grease for Tripod CV-Joints do not contain any solid particles or additives (graphite, molibdene or etc), which can block the maintenance of needle bearing in tripod CV-Joint. 

Important features: resist to the hight temperature (up to +160ºС)) and soft consistancy of grease for providing the joint mobility. 

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