CV-joint greaseCV-joint greaseCV-joint greaseCV-joint greaseCV-joint greaseCV-joint grease   

CV-joint grease

CV-joint grease  - is an anti-burr metal plating grease based on lithium complex.


  • Possesses high anti-burr properties
  • Perfectly works in extreme conditions
  • Doesn't destroy rubber boot
  • Prolongs operation life of the units
  • Possesses water resistance and high thermal-oxidative stability
  • Used in CV-joints (constant velocity joints)
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It's an anti-burr metal plating grease based on lithium complex.

Working temperature range is between -40°С and 140°С

Strong complex of anti-burr additives protects CV-joints (constant velocity joints) from wear and impact in extreme conditions.

A thin metal layer forms during the work of a friction unit and protects from wear providing a low friction ratio.

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