Anti-squeal brake grease MC 1620Anti-squeal brake grease MC 1620Anti-squeal brake grease MC 1620Anti-squeal brake grease MC 1620   

Anti-squeal brake grease MC 1620

Brake Anti-Squeal Grease for nonworking surfaces of pads

Special synthetic material for brake systems.
Should be used to prevent brake squeal.

  • Eliminates brake squeal
  • Prevents from uneven wearing of brake pads and brake discs
  • Provides movability to caliper parts
  • Increases the efficiency and safety braking
  • Extremely adherent and resistant to road salt and splash water
  • Working temperature up to +800C
ID: 1906

MC 1620 is anti-squeak grease for brake pads.

Prevents squeak and seizure of brake pads. Thus uniform wear of brake pads and discs is achieved.

Color golden visually
Appearance homogeneous tacky mass visually
Dropping point °С, not less than 369 ASTM D 2265
Penetration at 25 °C, 1/10 mm 200-250 ASTM D 217
Oil separation, %, not more than 7.0 GOST 7142
Resistance to water spray at plus 38 °С, not more than 5.0 ASTM D4049
Water content, % - -
Ash, %, within range 20-30 ISO 6245
Accelerated metal corrosion test passes GOST 9.080

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  • Temperature range  from -50°C to +1000°C
  • Minimum application temperature in ACLS, °C  more than +250°C
  • Penetration at - 40 °C, 1/10 mm  200
  • NLGI consistency grade  2/3


  • High thermo-oxidative stability
  • Water-resistant
  • Prevents surfaces from welding
  • High adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Almost neutral to rubber boots


  • Castrol BNS-grease
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