Cutting gel VZHIKCutting gel VZHIKCutting gel VZHIKCutting gel VZHIKCutting gel VZHIK   

Cutting gel VZHIK

VZHIK is a cutting gel for metalworking

Grease is suitable for treatment of various steels, metals and alloys of increased hardness or that are difficult to process. Such as:

  • titanium
  • stainless steel
  • nonferrous metals

Extends tools and consumables life.

Economical, thin layer is enough to use.

Grease components are resistant to high temperatures.

ID: 1011
ID: 1012
ID: 1014

Viscous composition and high adhesion (stickiness) allow to use VZHIK when drilling from the bottom upwards, eliminate splashing and dripping of grease from the surface.


Apply a thin layer of VZHIK on a drill, saw or any other tool that is suitable for this process.

Safety regulations must be strictly observed!

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