• Has high penetration ability
  • Working temperature range from -50°C up to +50°C
  • Fast penetration into hard to get places
  • Prevents freezing of locks and hinges
  • Prevents corrosion
  • High water resistance
  • Has unique nozzle, easy to apply


    • Hinges
    • Locks
    • Bicycle chains
    • Trunk damper piston rod
    • Household devices
    • Rubber sealants

    Shelf life 2 years

    ID: 2401

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    SILICOT grease for household needs  
    SILICOT grease for household needs

    Multipurpose silicone grease is used for different household needs: lubricating of hinges, locks, rubber seals, pipes, etc.


    • Grease is non-toxic, transparent, and not evaporable
    • Reliably protects materials from rust
    • Has high heat resistance (from -50°C to +230°C)
    • Applied for lubricating gate valves, lock mechanisms, cranes, guidings, rubber seals, pipe connections, etc.
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    Silicot REZIN for rubber seals  
    Silicot REZIN for rubber seals

    Silicone grease protects rubber seals from freezing and hardening.


    • Convenient nozzle with sponge provides economic application
    • Has 5 times more of silicone than any aerosol grease
    • Protects car doors from frosting-up in winter
    • Saves up elasticity of seals and protects them from deformation and drying out during warm time of the year
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    Universal gel grease (-50 to 250 С) do not dry, protects from leaks, longlife layer.

    Silicone grease with fluoroplastic prolongs lifetime of rubber details and plastic mechanism.

    Variants of using:

    • rubber sleeves and sealing plumbing
    • seals of action-camera housings
    • joints of plastic parts of the dashboard (scratches)
    • plastic components of boats reverse brakes
    • fishing reels and rods telescopic joint
    • automobile hatches and door seals
    • aquarium pumps
    • freezers guides
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