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RESURS Next - new generation of remetalizer  
RESURS Next - new generation of remetalizer

RESURS Next - a new generation of RESURS remetalizer for an engine restoration without disassembling. The previous generation helped more than 10 million car owners in 36 countries.

The novelty of Resurs Next is that now for the restoration of worn parts with nanoparticles of tin, copper and silver, only one bottle of 75 g is needed, instead of two before. Particles of the new product are so small and active that they do not settle in the pan, restoring the engine parts continuously. The product does not require shaking.

Indications for use:

- burning of oil;

- fuel overexpenditure;

- uneven compression;

- vibration and noise;

- Smoke;

- insufficient engine power.

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