iMagnet P14   

iMagnet P14

iMagnet P14- is the first HTHS viscosity engine oil stabilizer in the world.

iMagnet P14 has international novelty. This is the new age of engine oil additives. Application of only 5% of iMagnet P14 restores operational characteristics of modern oils and protects engine during all service interval. iMagnet P14 does not contain solid particles, it prolongs engine oil service life in conditions of low quality fuels and when oil producers saves on oil additives


  • iMagnet P14 components optimize oil film and work as clever oil magnets in friction zones of engine, protecting it.
  • Comparable to chip tuning which aims to increase power and reduce fuel consumption
  • iMagnet P14 does not contain solid particles, which can damage details of modern engines
ID: 8302

It is the first oil additive for engine protection, which works with low viscosity, low SAPS and energy efficient engine oils, such as W-20, W-16, W30 A5 and others. The need of these engine oils is obvious and gives a lot of advantages - increase of acceleration, improvement of vehicle emission standards and in some cars-increasing of engine reliability thanks to design feature.

But, even with all its exclusivity, these engine oils cannot serve during the long period- after only 3000 km these oils stop protect the engine from wear-as the result, your engine has short service life period. The lowest border of HTHS viscosity is the beginning of the wear:

HTHS is the engine oil viscosity at the temperature 150C and high share velocity; it is responsible for the thickness of “Oil Shield”, which protects the engine from wear. Sure, you just can change old oil on the new one, but it would not serve the problem, because, for example, use of low quality fuel, which anyway will penetrate into enough “fragile” already engine oil, even faster destroying it.

iMagnet P14 works as preventer, it prevents the rupture of thin oil film under the influence of negative factors, which appear during the engine work. Among these are dilutions by fuel, contamination with combustion products, local overheating (for example in the turbine), decrease of HTHS viscosity, and extreme conditions of engine running.

Only one bottle of iMagnet P14 restores all normal characteristics of modern engine oils, and powerful polymer complex as a part of iMagnet P14 improves antifriction properties of the engine oil in several times, makes the engine running more efficient and dynamic and allows you to enjoy the driving your car. Polymeric components of iMagnet P14 will create the film on the friction surface, reducing the friction coefficient, which is similar to slippery algae on stones in the sea.

 Also we have noted constructional specifics of modern engines; as a result we have created iMagnet P14 free of particles and totally safe even for future cars.


  • Engine protection during all service intervals
  • Increased efficiency and engine power
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Oil properties

Russian RDS racers choose iMAGNET P14!

iMAGNET P14 is the first HTHS viscosity engine oil stabilizer in the world. HTHS is a parameter, defining economical (fuel) and the protective properties of motor oil.

DYNO-stand results

Motor oil loses its properties during its operating time in loaded friction units of engines after 1500 km of running, but not after 15000 km, as it is claimed by oil manufacturers. There are many examples. We would like to bring to your notice results of oil properties test, which was made with Range Rover Sport (year 2013, turbo diesel, 3l).

Today there is a world tendency to produce motor oil with increased long service life, named «Long Life», but in reality «long life» of this motor oil are only written words on the package. Automobiles have been innovated for last 10 years, but motor oils were not innovated. So your innovated vehicle needs innovative motor oil. How can motor oil properties be innovated?

There were several researches, which have shown that you can improve motor oil properties with the help of HTHS engine oil stabilizer-iMagnet P14. This oil additive was tested on Range Rover Sport 2013, turbo diesel, 3l, the result is increased motor power on 90 h.p. on 2500-3000 rpm, torque-on 200 N/m. We would like to note, that fuel consumption has decreased from 9,6 to 8 liters per 100 km on combined cycle.

According to results of test, iMagnet P14 not only stabilizes HTHS viscosity engine oil (High Temperature High Share oil viscosity) and improves motor oil properties, but reduces fuel consumption! When you come to think of it, millions liters of fuel can be saved in the world.

iMagnet P14 stabilizes one of the most important parameter- HTHS viscosity engine oil stabilizer, and solves the problem of modern motor oils-low quality and premature loss of base motor oil protective properties. iMagnet P14 can prevent loss of motor oil properties and increase service interval.

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